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Fei Chan Wan Mei – Chinese dating show

Fei Chan Wan Mei – Chinese dating show

I wish to take the time to fairly share a chinese tv that is dating, called “Very perfect” fei chang wang mei . It is not just a drama, nevertheless the undeniable fact that I’ve spent a great deal time obsessing with this particular show also though We bash it as far as I enjoy it, I felt like We needed to blog about this. In a nutshell, exactly what the dating show is all about, 15 fixed bachelors appears regarding the show each week, female guest seems, and gets half an hour respectively where dudes learn they also have time for questions to interact with the female guest about her through her video introduction and 4 “facts” about her (personality, previous love stories, family etc. The majority of the girls show up on the show with one man at heart currently (only some of them, but 99% have an interest using one particular guy). She shall find the guy she liked the very best in addition to man she liked the smallest amount of for an Ipad. Since 2013, there is certainly a couple of dudes sitting regarding the “bench” into the audience, which can be switch aided by the 15 dudes that have the chance to interact with the feminine visitor. She has the least interest in out of the 15 active bachelors so she choose one guy from the bench to switch with the guy.

I’m perhaps not certain that you obtain the basic idea, but yeah.

Generally there have already been a complete lot debates how genuine these dating programs are, and I also think especially that one was underneath the limelight to be instead fake. There was lot of tears and and cheesiness taking place, about this show. Sometimes it is quite disgusting me:P haha but yet, the funny parts are still funny to watch if you ask. That I am watching this show with my tiny mandarin skills, which makes some part incomprehensible for me though I like to mention.

I became first introduced to the show by a pal, who stated that certain for the girls she understands ended up being in the show, thus I watched the thirty minutes she was in the show, but never ever fell for this. Because my buddies knows her, she explained about several things that was not true, like her career along with other details that are small. They wished to develop a character they desired her become. Though the undeniable fact that she indeed did liked one of many bachelor ended up being real and also the undeniable fact that she was rejected (at first) ended up being certainly real, ended up being a little unfortunate. I happened to be all fine, and still couldn’t realize why people is with in love with one of these type or sort of shows. We additionally knew that the girls I went along to London with in January ended up being greatly speaing frankly about the extremely same show, and bombed the group they were saying chat we had on WhatsApp, i was rather annoyed, couldn’t understand A word. But after myself being enthusiastic about it, we completely realize their emotions now.

This is basically the start of why I stamped this show as fake from the start, and in addition i could note that some tears are fake, some guys confess to so many girls, and state that they like them, but just into the previous episode he confessed to a different woman and stated a similar thing. They attempt to squeeze the little attention fluid they will have, however in the conclusion, nothing is released (fail), other people are rather good along with their rips, but real or not, only they are able to inform.

Girls arrived at the show and confess to their bachelor, and state they are loved by them, erm LIKE? isn’t it a tad too strong, their “love” is founded on what’ve they will have seen on television and their Weibo. They find out how the bachelor are just centered on Weibo therefore the things they see in the show. oh typical, in Media, how can we portray ourselves? of course just the most readily useful of the finest side of you. It is like confessing your like to a hollywood. I have it, for many it could be love in the very first sight, but just how many “love at the very first sight” can one experience?


Okay, enough in regards to the the bashing of the fakeness of this show. Exactly why i needed to share this show is due to the FOB fashion the MC lady has. I am talking about, REALLY, who da hell is her stylist?!

I just seemed up a few, I will certainly continue steadily to discuss her fashion in the show.

Please dudes, you’ll want to agree with me that this dress……takes the cost as the utmost unsightly dress she’ve used thus far! How come they place a dress on her behalf where the neck component generally seems to live its very own life. Oh the mystery continues.

We undoubtedly usually do not hope that this is certainly her own wardrobe lol

Female visitor and feminine relationship therapist clothes:

Usually the female guest have really nice outfits, more on the side that is cute. A lot of them pass the fashion test. But listed here is a few No-No’s

This really is what’ve I’ve been viewing whenever I don’t view drama, and since there is certainly not enough interesting dramas recently, I have already been watching this show, as well as the reality it any better 😛 that it is very conveniently to watch through PPS on the iphone does not make

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