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How To: Best Secrets google classroom For Phones You Didn’t Know Yet | 2021

That means that about 36% of available vaccines have been given to residents. TheVirginia Hospital and Healthcare Associationdata for Jan. 19 states that 3,098 Virginians are currently hospitalized with COVID-19. Download Google Classroom APK for Android The state reported 165 new hospitalizations today – the fifth-highest single-day count ever — after reporting 84 yesterday. The Fauquier County School Board voted Jan. 11 to resume the hybrid model of learning beginning yesterday. Students whose families have chosen hybrid returned to classrooms two days a week , and have three days of asynchronistic learning. Students whose families have chosen virtual learning learn synchronistically through a classroom video camera two days a week and through asynchronistic learning three days a week.

So only add files to that folder once they’re ready for prime time. There are a lot of beneficial pieces of G Suite for Education that learners and educators can leverage even without having a Google Classroom. They can share and annotateGoogle Docs, Sheets, and Slides, present work using Slides, and meet remotely via Google Hangouts.

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The county has recorded a total of 3,493 cases; the average number of new daily cases in the last seven days is 27. The VDH site states that 115,916 doses have been given at long-term care facilities – about 65% of the 178,425 doses received. CVS and Walgreen’s pharmacies are responsible for administering doses at these centers; the pharmacies say they will be finished in early February with that effort. On Tuesday, the RRHD reported another outbreak in a K-12 setting, after adding one Sunday in a long-term care setting. The other most recent outbreak in the RRHD was reported Jan. 16, also in a long-term care facility; it is not known where any of these most recent outbreaks are. The VDH site states that 117,474 doses have been given at long-term care facilities – about 67% of the 178,425 doses received.

The state reported 110 new hospitalizations today, after recording 139 Friday and 174 Thursday – the fourth-highest single-day count ever. Those weeks each recorded between 83 and 98 outbreaks. According to the VHHA, 234,389 doses of the vaccines have been administered by hospitals as of Jan. 24, but VDH data shows 231,888 doses have been given by hospitals.

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Today, the county added 41 new cases, for a total of 2,596. Fauquier’s average number of new daily cases in the last seven days is 44, the highest it has been. According to the VDH, total hospitalizations in the state stand at 18,636 . Today, the county added 53 new cases, for a total of 2,649.

  • On Thursday, 34 new cases were logged; on Wednesday, Fauquier added 21 new cases.
  • On the question slide, for each possible answer, create a link to the feedback slide.
  • In Part 2 of this series on Blended Professional Development , Kasey takes a deep dive into best practices and strategies.
  • It ended up taking 2-3 days to do what I had hoped to accomplish in 1.
  • Windows should detect it properly and download the necessary drivers.

For this assessment, I “borrowed” leveled reading content from Newsela, then identified Lexile levels, and finally engaged in some “appsmashing” to create my tests! I started with my baseline assessment, and after publishing, I then created new, modified versions of the same test to accommodate my diverse learner needs. This process simply took me swapping out reading levels of the text I added, and modifying the questions by eliminating one answer choice, etc. This example of personalized instruction within a blended learning environment is a best practice I recommend to any 7-12 ELA teacher! It’s discreet, data-informed, and delivers results students and teachers can be proud of. Within the Edulastic Google Classroom app, pre-built and teacher made/shared assessments are stored in a searchable database .

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