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About Us

Special Focus

At Wagon Logistics, our special focus is on 3PL secondary logistic support to international clients. Under this service, we offer dedicated vehicle and personnel support for you to utilize as desired by you at your own convenience

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Wagon Logistics wishes to believe that its responsibility weighs far beyond business perspectives. Through achieving our mission, we also simultaneously envision the Indian logistics industry to rise on par with its peers all over the world.

Our Mission

At Wagon Logistics, we hold a clear mission of professional excellence. We might not become the biggest in the country, but we are determined to be the BEST. Our mission is to elevate by providing absolute customer satisfaction.

Wagon Logistics - ISO 9001:2015 Certified

What is ISO?

ISO is International Standards of Organization. ISO is an non-governmental, independent, International organization. 162 national standard bodies are members of ISO.

Why was ISO formed?

  • To bring Uniformity and Standardization
  • Trust and Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 follows Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology and a process-oriented approach to reviewing and documenting the structure, procedures, responsibilities which are needed to achieve efficient quality management.

Wagon Logistics: ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Wagon Logistics an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company in India and has been Providing Transportation Services PAN INDIA LEVEL,Special Truck Services With Air Suspension,Warehouse Storage Services,Project Cargo  Handling Services

Our Growth

The Men at the Helm

S Ganapathi–Partner

A qualified and experienced professional, he brings with him 14 years of service in the distribution and logistics industry. He has rich and varied experience in fields as diverse as FMCG and mineral movement. He has held senior positions in organizations dealing with sensitive goods such as Dun Peas, copper, rock phosphate,coaland Copra Oil Cake, which are vulnerable because of their intrinsic value and pilferage prevention is a major task. He spent 5 years handling FTL (Full Truck Load) products, especially in managing closed vehicles where it is a challenge to bring about a viable balance between security and economic feasibility. Another year in desk-to-desk courier agency gave him vital insight into the value of time in expediting deliveries.Amongst all his experience, he greatly values the vital years he spent in stevedoring under the guru of the field, Mr.RN Joe D’Cruz, Sahitya Academy awardee and Ex President of JM Baxi& Coandthe Consultant of NTC Logistics, widely acclaimed as the doyen of the logistics industry. Having thus learnt the ropes of the trade, he decided to float his own agency and so was born Wagon Logistics.

C Srinivasan –Partner

A management graduate with considerable experience in the field, he adds youth and energy to a firm that is hell-bent on carving a niche for itself in a field where giants are to be reckoned with. His tenure bears an attractive list with such big names as JAIS Digitals, Jayam Studios and AK Promoters, dealing with areas where time is the essence. His main experience has been in managing closed vehicles and trailers where labour and supervisory controls areof great importance. In addition, he has hands-on experience of over 10 years, supplying vehicle needs to Digital Waves Technologies, a daunting task as he had to handle sensitive machinery. He handles the day-to-day logistical support work of the company and maintains a hawkish vigil on the movement of goods traffic of the company’s clients.