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Welcome To Wagon Logistics

Wagon Logistics is a Chennai based company that is making rapid strides in the transport industry. The company was founded on the basis of vast experience in this hazardous field. Within a very short span of time, the company has been able to capture the imagination of top corporate who have entrusted them with the vital responsibility of transporting their products and goods.

Wagon Logistics - To Satisfy Your Imagination


Featured Services

Our Featured Services Include
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Arranging Loaders
  • Providing High Quality Trucks

Wagon logistics one of the strongest networks of high-quality truck owners, drivers and brokers in the country.

We are located at different metro cities and in chennai airport-India for helping our customers to shift their warehousing and storage to shift from one to another place

We provide a well Organized and Systematic loaders for Loading and Unloading Services.

Why Choose Us?

Quick Response

Make a call to us, and expert us to revert within just two hours with all details of vehicle number, driver contact and so on. The vehicle will reach your premises in 4 hours of loading.

Timely Deliveries

For local destinations, delivery will be made the same day itself. For outstation destinations, depending on the distance we will give you a clear commitment on delivery and we will keep this commitment.

One-Time Sealed Consignment

We offer sealed consignment which ensures perfect security from pilferage. The seal, once broken can never be replaced and so it can only be opened by you or your authorized representative.

Pan-India Presence

Anywhere in India, that’s where you can have Wagon Logistics presence. We have the capacity to operate more than 100 vehicles at any given point of time and even more if need be. So don’t worry about the size of your transportation logistics. Leave it to us.

Secure Transportation

That’s a vital area that you can offload to us. We ensure perfect security for your consignment. For sensitive cargos, we offer escort facility to ensure your goods reach the same way they left

Additional Services

Just tell us what you need, you will find us most responsive. Labor to load, unload? We’ll provide for you, Insurance assistance? Our people will take care. Feel free to share your needs, we will customize for you.

Our Logistics Network works

Every single vendor whom we enlist is put through a grueling assessment procedure that fulfills the most stringent requirements of our customers. Reputation of the vendor, caliber of personnel andpractically every parameter that goes toward making them a desirable partner in our operation.

Special Features


We deliver your cargo in time and with care. We provide support through our tracking services and customer support channels to ensure you know where your package is at any time of the day.


Our technology platform gives you updated information via SMS & email and you can track the truck and access through the web at any time. You receive real-time vehicle tracking updates. 


Our people are committed, loyal, skilled to deal with logistic of your industry. They work tirelessly to deliver your cargo safely to the destination.